Adaptive Planters Installed at Sautee-Nacochee Community Center

The roots of this project go back a long way. The principal recipient, Carol Balaun, is a retired pediatric nurse with a long history of working in Intensive Care and Home Care, with specially-abled children. A few years ago at the White County Farmers' market, she was approached by a patron who wanted information on container gardening for those unable to garden at ground level. The seed was planted.

Last spring she asked interested Headwaters Master Gardeners for assistance to nurture the seed. Two other members showed interest. The Soque Garden Club was already involved refreshing and caring for the landscaping of the Sautee-Nacochee Community Center. A cooperative plan was developed. Together with then facilities manager, Hamilton Schwartz, and then director, Judith Barber, a site was selected for the installation and approved by the grounds committee of SNCA. Three different style planters to demonstrate container gardening for the physically challenged were planned and approved.