Winter brings many joys... well as great challenges. Some of the spectacular joys include the pristine sharpness of the evergreens as they stand out against the grey-brown background of bare deciduous plants and sleeping perennials. Some of the mind-numbing challenges encompass the basic, routine chores and deciding whether to do them now or just put them off until later, or rather acknowledging that I must do some of those chores now while others I can leave for later without hurting the health of the garden in the future.

I love just looking at my garden during all four seasons and the transitions between them. I do not, however, like anything at all about working in the garden in the winter. Winter is for browsing the garden catalogues and magazines, dreaming about and then sketching designs for new plants. These sketches are all about arranging and then rearranging those dreams, all about new cultivars or old ones rediscovered.

Many of our MG groups are filling their winter meetings with programs focused on pruning and other garden chores for the winter garden. Some are using the winter to host a Master Gardener Appreciation Day. Many of us are scheduling excursions or field trips. The GMGA lists of speakers and field trip destinations will make your planning easier.

Whatever your approach to winter, we all find special beauty and benefits that result from even the chores of the season.

Happy gardening!

-Janie Seglund, VP Communication

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